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Trenchless Technology

Horizontal Directional Drilling, A.K.A Directional Boring, is a cleaner, more effecient, and less invasive method to installing underground conduits, wires, and piping. This machine can steer and maneuver underground to avoid existing utilities and other obstacles. Why dig up your driveways, landscaping, and retaining walls when there is a better easier option? Contact us today if you have any questions! There are many ways to contact us at the bottom of the page.

Horizontal Directional Drilling: Services
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Power, production, and efficiency

At Underline, we’re all about providing top quality service and efficiency. The JT20 gives us the capabilities of installing larger conduit packages underground. When you need the job done fast, we are equipped and ready to perform.

Horizontal Directional Drilling: Welcome


Customized to serve you

At Underline, we know that there is the right tool for the job. The 7x11 is compact and lightweight. This allows us to perform work in tighter areas without as much impact to the work area. Custom rock tooling and other modifications make this a great tool that gives us great capability and advantage on the job site.

Horizontal Directional Drilling: Welcome
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