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Contact us to get your underground pipes or lines located today.

We can find your power line that goes to your garage or other structures, electrical wiring for lighting, drain piping, sprinkler lines, invisible fences, gas lines for grills and fireplaces, water lines, and more. Experience matters and we know the best locating techniques that will improve accuracy and provide you with a better service.

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811 doesn't locate everything

After calling 811 service, they may not locate everything. We find what 811 does not locate! All of your private utilities like...

  • water lines

  • power to a shed

  • parking lot lights 

  • gas line to a fire pit 

  • product lines

  • fire lines

  • communication, ethernet, and fiber lines

  • low voltage control lines

  • hydraulic lines

  • power lines for driveway lighting

  • sprinklers 

  • process sewers

  • irrigation lines

  • private alarm wires

  • and more! 


Some lines and pipes are "unlocatable"

Having many years experience installing underground utilities gives us an advantage over the competition. We know exactly what those utilities can do under the ground. From shortcuts that contractors make to the type of utility it is, we recognize what others miss. We are like underground utility detectives.


We care about our services that we provide

Quality of our services is important to us at Underline. That is why we have a great reputation. Hire us and find out why we have a higher satisfaction rate.

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Saving by not utilizing a private locator will cost you more!

 Utility detection helps you see what utilities exist in the ground gives you the ability to avoid striking them. Striking an underground utility can result in great costs and loss of function for the utility. Most importantly, striking a subsurface object can cause serious injuries to you or the employees performing the work.

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